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In an ever-more competitive and crowded marketplace, the ability to communicate value and explain ideas in a way that the intended audience can easily understand and appreciate is absolutely vital to the success of any enterprise. 


The people in an organization who are tasked with communicating internally and externally bear a heavy responsibility and have a measurable impact on the success or failure of that organization. 


At Light Touch, we are experts at quickly taking a large amount of complex information, distilling it down to its most important component parts, and then creating visual content such as videos, graphics and other creative assets that communicate a clear, concise message which resonates with the correct audience. 


We help overworked and undermanned creatives deliver world-class content, on time and on budget, without giving them a whole new set of problems or concerns. We meet them wherever they’re most comfortable, handling 5% or 100% of the creative process, whatever suits their needs best. We are a seamless, scalable, comprehensive extension of their in-house teams and resources. We do any amount of heavy lifting necessary with the lightest possible touch, creating effective assets that accomplish the goals of thrilled clients who come back to us time and time again to solve their ever-evolving challenges. 

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