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How do you quickly and clearly explain exactly what your company does? What is the first thing you want visitors to see when they arrive at your website? At Light Touch, we've taken advantage of one of the newest web technologies available (and one which we are most excited about) to provide a one of a kind first impression to visitors of our website. The technology? Interactive video.

We've created an immersive presentation – a website "concierge", if you will – which lets visitors choose the answers to the questions they are most interested in. And all of these answers are delivered "live", directly from a talented, personable actor who creates a truly unique experience.

Interactive videos can be made utilizing any type of video, live or animated, and deliver a “choose your own adventure” style immersive experience. While we do offer this service to our clients, Light Touch's own Interactive Video has become a vital focal point of our website and an indispensable tool for our sales team as well!