Mission Impossible


2D Animated Video

Over the course of 14 years and more than 7000 videos, we’ve learned that it’s not enough to clearly communicate a value proposition. You need to go the extra mile and give the viewer a reason to engage with your content instead of the eight million other pieces of content they’re being bombarded with every moment of every day.

One of our most successful campaigns to date has been our “Mission: Impossible” series. We took inspiration from the TV and movie series and created an “agent briefing”, complete with a “retinal scan” for identity confirmation and the ability to personalize each video with the viewer’s first name. This took quite a bit of work behind the scenes to be able to scale this kind of marketing outflow but the results have been spectacular, with many senior marketing executives at well known companies (our ideal audience) telling us this is the single best piece of marketing they’ve ever received.

It turns out, fun wins!