Optum Overview Video


2D Animated Video

One of the concerns we hear frequently from potential new clients is whether our team can get up to speed quickly on their unique value proposition, detailed branding guidelines, etc. It’s a risky prospect to bring in a new team of outside contractors. If it goes well you have a new comprehensive resource that can accomplish more and more varied work than you could in-house. If it goes badly you might end up stalled completely on a project, or spend time you don’t have managing a whole new team of people who were supposed to be managing themselves.

Having produced over 7000 creative projects to date, our team has worked with thousands of clients in dozens of industries and verticals and in markets all over the world. We’re experts at very quickly understanding your business model, value proposition, positioning in the marketplace, branding guidelines, and (most importantly) what will motivate and engage your specific audience.

This video is an example of speaking to the needs of a very specific audience in detail. It’s engaging and draws you in, even if you’re not the target audience.